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Obiwan v0.5.5 released

After a fairly long hiatus, Obiwan has returned. The current release contains a
more complete proof of concept for the project. The first example program
(HelloUniverse.dpr) compiles and runs successfully. The second example program
(BasketballD6.dpr) has been started, compiles, and runs, but is still missing
central pieces. The DUnit suite has unfortunately not been updated since early
in the project, and need to be revisited soon. It (the ObiwanTestSuite.dpr)
should maybe become the primary tool for verifying code.... read more

Posted by Tor Langlo 2004-03-09

Obiwan v0.5.4 released

* Source code now shows how to transfer data between persistence capable classes and the Obiwan StateManager.
* The new ObiwanModel (IObiwanModel) is a single entry point for updating and accessing metadata about the developer/user's domain model.
* Obiwan now supports the DUnit testing framework. See the ObiwanTestSuite.dpr for more information.

Posted by Tor Langlo 2002-10-19

Obiwan v0.5.3 released

Obiwan v0.5.3 with full source code has been released. The source code is far from complete, but does compile. It should be considered the starting point point for further development on the project.

Posted by Tor Langlo 2002-10-09

Obiwan Project Initiated

A prototype version of the future SourceForge project for Obiwan is now in development.

Posted by Tor Langlo 2002-10-04

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