First of all, I thank you for your work. Nice job!

I've successfully installed and configured for 25 items/page and 25 pages.

I've found what it seems to be a bug in the component. When showing the result set, the bottom navigation bar contains links to the "first page", "previous", numbered pages, "next" and "last".

Well, the first and previous links to the same url (javascript:setForm(document.obibopac_search, document.obibopac_search.opacpage_show, 1);  JAjaxGetFormData('obibopac_search', 'obibData');).

Also the next and last links point to the same page (javascript:setForm(document.obibopac_search, document.obibopac_search.opacpage_show, 4);  JAjaxGetFormData('obibopac_search', 'obibData');

Is it really a bug or a misconfiguration? Any easy way to repair it?

Thanks in advance.