I think you got the installation nearly correct.  Much had to be correct in order to see the entries in the admin menu.

But there may be an error in directory or file names.  Be sure to look carefully at upper case letters. With Linux Operating systems spelling must be perfect.  But I did the development with Windows which does not care so much.  It is not so important that you uses the file names in my instructions as it is that you have the names that the program wants.

Also check to see if the files are actually in the directories shown. Perhaps you placed them into a directory with a slightly different  name? If the names do match waht the computer wants, change the names as necessary.

Fred LaPlante

On 5/9/2014 11:19 PM, aswini kumar ray wrote:

I want to know the procedure of installation of lookup plugin.
kindly help me.

[patches:#64] Lookup plugin problem

Status: open
Created: Sun Nov 28, 2010 08:31 PM UTC by Anonymous
Last Updated: Sun Nov 28, 2010 08:31 PM UTC
Owner: nobody

I have installed the lookup plugin using the instructions from Lookup v2. I overwrote with files from Lookup_2009-09-08 and subsequently from Lookup_2010-01-09.
My problem is that the plugin seems to run but I have no default or listing of hosts, nor do the settings seem to hold.
I get the following messages at the top of the page - above the header
On the Admin page when I go to lookup options:
file: /openbiblio-6/lookup2/lookupOptsForm.php ?
Check your directory name spelling.
On the Admin page when I go to lookup Hosts:
file: /openbiblio-6/lookup2/lookupHostsForm.php ?
Check your directory name spelling.
and on the Cataloging Page when I go to On-Line Search v2:
file: /openbiblio-6/lookup2/lookup.php ?
Check your directory name spelling.
Obviously I have made an error somewhere but as I am not a programmer, can anyone help me repar my mistake?

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