#71 Add picture to Bibliography for 0.7.1


See also the old ID: 1117840, but now for 0.7.1

I got the task to add a field to the bibliography, in which
a preview-picture of the bibliography is shown, so i added
such a function. I didn't wanted to change the database
format, so i added a new MARCField (902a) for this
Filename. The Modifikation to add a Image-Field i will
attach as diff-file. I someone's needing the modified files
please ask.


  • Marcus Bautze

    Marcus Bautze - 2012-07-23

    works for 0.7.1

  • Marcus Bautze

    Marcus Bautze - 2012-07-25
    • summary: Add picture to Bibliography --> Add picture to Bibliography for 0.7.1
    • Mohamed Riyaz

      Mohamed Riyaz - 2013-09-22

      Could you please post me the modified files.

  • aswini kumar ray

    I have downloaded the file addpicture.diff, but I am unable to install the patch. Though I am a new user of OpenBiblio 0.7.1, can you explain the procedure how to add picture to Bibliography.


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