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Security hardening package for older versions of OpenBiblio

The security patches introduced in OpenBiblio 0.7.2 are also available for some older versions:

Posted by Hans van der Weij 2014-08-23

Release 0.7.2

A bugfix release of OpenBiblio is available:

Version 0.7.2 is recommended for new installs. Updating older versions is highly recommended because the most important changes are for hardening security.

See the ChangeLog for more details.


Posted by Hans van der Weij 2014-08-13

Release 0.7.1

Version 0.7.1 has been released

0.7.1 is recommended for new installs and for updating older versions of OpenBiblio, including all versions from

The most important changes are:

* Updated to be compatible with MySQL 5.5.
* Updated for PHP 5.3.x deprecated features.
* Updated for PHP 5.4.0 backward incompatible changes.
* Fixes for bugs in OpenBiblio features.
* New and changed features: Check In shows hyperlinked member name (with Days Late and outstanding Account Balance), Override Due Date, Renew All, Offline Circulation, Bibliography Checkout History, Custom Copy Fields, Copy Barcode Number validation less restrictive and optional, new search types Call Number and Keyword, OPAC search and view exclude nonpublic fields, new parameters for reports Copy Search and Popular Bibliographies, new reports, new layouts for media labels and member cards.... read more

Posted by Hans van der Weij 2012-03-18

OpenBiblio: Wiki CAPTCHA

OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality. OpenBiblio library administration offers an intuitive interface with broad category tabs and sidebar

After fighting with a PHP session bug, I've finally been able to add a CAPTCHA to the wiki. I'm hoping this will stop the problem with wiki spam. Thanks to all the dedicated people who've been cleaning up after the robots -- without you, the wiki would've become completely useless long ago.... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2009-04-06

Release 0.6.1

I just posted OpenBiblio 0.6.1. It's a minor update to 0.6.0. If you haven't had any trouble with 0.6.0, there's no need to update.

We are still working on 1.0. It just has to be fit in among other work and our real lives. But it's moving ahead slowly.

You can download 0.6.1 [[here ->\]]... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2008-05-09

A quick advertisement

I'm trying out SourceForge's new Marketplace feature. If you need OpenBiblio work done, you can purchase it directly from the web page for [[OpenBiblio services ->\]]. This is one of the best ways to help improve OpenBiblio -- the last 2 releases (0.5.2 and 0.6.0) only happened because there were libraries willing to pay for part of the development.... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2008-03-18

Wiki Spam

We've been having to clean up a lot of wiki spam lately (thanks, Hans!), so I've just put a couple of countermeasures in place. They shouldn't affect most legitimate posts, but if you have any trouble, let me know.


Posted by Micah Stetson 2007-03-26

Oops - I forgot to say thanks

I have to apologize. I completely forgot to mention Marcanti College in the release announcement I made earlier today. They funded most of the work that went into 0.6.0, and it probably wouldn't be here without their help. Without organizations like Marcanti College that are willing to invest in Open-Source software, this project would cease to exist.

I'd especially like to thank Hans van der Weij for getting 0.6.0 started and for testing it and reporting bugs. But he really deserves recognition for all the other work he does in this community. Whether it's cleaning spam off the wiki or helping users in the forums, I've really come to count on Hans for his excellent help and commitment to seeing OpenBiblio succeed.... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2007-02-21

Release 0.6.0

Version 0.6.0 is finally here -- late as usual. Its main new feature is a completely rewritten reports system. The new system is much more flexible, but just a bit more complicated to use. It also fixes a security hole that was present in the old reports system.

There are still a number of known bugs, including a lot of text that doesn't use the translation system. This has been an ongoing problem, but we're hoping to fix it (and a bunch of other longstanding issues) in the next major release.... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2007-02-21

Release 0.5.2

I just uploaded version 0.5.2. It fixes a number of security issues and introduces a number of new features over 0.5.1. No new features have been added since 0.5.2pre4, only bugfixes. In case you haven't noticed them, here are the major new features over 0.5.1:

* More flexible checkout privilege system
* User-definable custom fields for members and items (per material type)
* Hold expiration
* Renewal functionality... read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-09-30

0.5.2 Prerelease 4

0.5.2pre4, a prerelease of OpenBiblio 0.5.2 is available for download and testing. It fixes many bugs and adds several new features over 0.5.1, a summary of these will be released soon.

If you can, please test 0.5.2 and report any bugs you find.

Unfortunately, 0.5.2 has (re)introduced a number of translation problems. If you are an OpenBiblio translator, or have experience with OpenBiblio's translation system and want to help get 0.5.2 ready, please contact Micah ( read more

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-02-27

New Version of oBiblioOPAC for Joomla! CMS

Harpiain [[Profiles/AdrianoVieira]] has released a new version of his OpenBiblio OPAC component for the Joomla! CMS. You can get it from his [[project page ->\]].

This release includes a new translation system that should make it more accessible to the Brazilian-challenged among us ;-).

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-02-16

OpenBiblio OPAC for Joomla!

Adriano Vieira has just released an OpenBiblio OPAC component for the [[Joomla! CMS -> ]]. You can get it from his [[project page -> ]].

The initial release is only in Brazilian Portuguese, but a new release is in the works with support for English and other translations.

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-01-23

New Website

After a long period of downtime, we've managed to bring up a new website. This time it's a wiki so everyone can collaborate with us to make it more useful. Please check it out, and feel free to improve it!

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-01-11

OpenBiblio 0.5.1 Now Available for Download

OpenBiblio version 0.5.1 has just been released. Predominately a bugfix release, addressing a number of security, compatibility, and i18n problems. Minor feature enhancements have been added including:
* Enhanced reporting functionality
** CSV output
** Links for biblios & members in HTML report results
* 'New Like' functionality, giving the user the ability to create a biblio record based on an existing record. ... read more

Posted by Peter Leschev 2005-03-13

OpenBiblio beta vs 0.3.0

OpenBiblio is an easy to use, automated library system written in PHP containing OPAC, circulation, cataloging, and staff administration functionality. OpenBiblio library administration offers an intuitive interface with broad category tabs and sidebar.

Published beta version 0.3.0 with the following added features. Please be sure to read the release notes.
* Compatibility with PHP 4.2.1 and 4.2.2. Unfortunately, version 0.3.0 is no longer backward compatible with PHP 4.1.x (due to session variable changes in PHP 4.2).
* Internationalization (i18n) on a few pages. This is not complete yet but the base structure is all there.
* OPAC functionality
* Automatic database table creation from a PHP page. See updated install_instructions.html. Implemented customizable title image in header. ... read more

Posted by Dave Stevens 2002-08-21

OpenBiblio beta vs. 0.2.1

Published fix release 0.2.1 to fix the member new and member edit problems.

Posted by Dave Stevens 2002-05-14

OpenBiblio beta vs. 0.2.0

Published beta version 0.2.0. There are a lot of new features in this version, the most notable, of which, being the theme editor. The theme editor really shows off the variety of ways you can customize the OpenBiblio look and feel. Be sure to check out the demo. The following features are now incorporated into beta version 0.2.0.

* Admin Tab: library settings administration
* Admin Tab: material types list (new, edit, delete)
* Admin Tab: collections list (new, edit, delete)
* Admin Tab: theme editor (new, edit, preview, copy, delete) with 6 sample themes
* Circulation Tab: member view now includes stats
* Circulation Tab: member checkout now edits on material type checkout limits
* Cataloging Tab: bibliography search now shows icons for each material type

Posted by Dave Stevens 2002-05-14