Release 0.5.2

I just uploaded version 0.5.2. It fixes a number of security issues and introduces a number of new features over 0.5.1. No new features have been added since 0.5.2pre4, only bugfixes. In case you haven't noticed them, here are the major new features over 0.5.1:

* More flexible checkout privilege system
* User-definable custom fields for members and items (per material type)
* Hold expiration
* Renewal functionality

Because of the security fixes, '''all users are urged to upgrade'''.

There are still a number of known bugs, including a lot of text that doesn't use the translation system. I apologize to the translators, but I needed to get the release out and didn't have time to find and fix them all. Many error messages and the entire install routine are not translated -- I know about these already. If you find anything else, though, please report it.

'''NOTE:''' There is still a major security issue in this release (and several previous ones). The problem is detailed in the install instructions and the [[release notes ->\]],
but the bottom line is that you should not give reports access to any staff
member you don't trust. I will be fixing this '''very soon'''... no, I mean it ...
come on, believe me! Well, you can think what you want to think, but you'll see.

This leads me to talking about the next release. It will incorporate the new reports/printing system I've been working on, and it will be the first release to use the new version numbering scheme. Expect posts and documentation about all of this in the days (possibly just hours) to come.

In the meanwhile, you can download 0.5.2 [[here ->\]].

Posted by Micah Stetson 2006-09-30

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