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  • Aoife Kenny

    Aoife Kenny - 2012-04-18

    I am planning to use OpenBiblio for a small collection and also want to use Dublin Core to create records. Are these two compatible or is there an add on for something like this?

    Total newbie here, so sorry if it's a stupid question!

  • Hans van der Weij

    OpenBiblio uses MARC 21 for the metadata scheme. You can't switch to a different scheme, but it might be possible to convert metadata from another scheme to the MARC standard.

    Is your collection already described in Dublin Core? This can be mapped into MARC: http://www.loc.gov/marc/dccross.html

    Is it a collection of books? Then it's probably better to try to find MARC records for the titles you have, and upload these to OpenBiblio. Or use the Z39.50 addon for OpenBiblio.

    Does that make sense?

  • Aoife Kenny

    Aoife Kenny - 2012-04-19

    Yep, that's exactly the information I was looking for. The collection's already in Dublin Core so that crosswalk will be really helpful.

    Thanks a million!


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