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  • dpoquette

    dpoquette - 2005-09-16

    I have been able to get OpenBiblio to work with as outlined in the installation instructions on a Windows PC using the recommended versions.

    However, the installation fails when I try to install it on an ISP's server.  The problem is because the ISP has a newer version of MySql.   I was wondering when would OpenBiblio support a newer version of MySql?  If it will be a while, what would it take to fix the error?  See below:

    OpenBiblio Installation:
    Database connection is good.
    Building OpenBiblio tables...
    table biblio dropped.
    table biblio created.
    Error processing install sql.

    Below is the exact error message:

    <!--This install module is still not complete.  Please follow the
    <a href="../install_instructions.html">Install Instructions</a> to install OpenBiblio
    instead of this module.<br><br-->
    Database connection is good.<br>
    Building OpenBiblio tables...<br>
    table biblio dropped.<br>table biblio created.<br>                                                                                                
    <!-- db_errno = 1051-->
    <!-- db_error = Unknown table 'biblio_field'-->
    <!-- SQL = drop table `biblio_field` -->

    <!-- db_errno = 1075-->
    <!-- db_error = Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto column and it must be defined as a key-->
    <!-- SQL = create table biblio_field (
      bibid integer not null
      ,fieldid integer auto_increment not null
      ,tag smallint not null
      ,ind1_cd char(1) null
      ,ind2_cd char(1) null
      ,subfield_cd char(1) not null
      ,field_data text null
      ,primary key(bibid,fieldid)
    Error processing install sql.

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2005-09-16

      This is a known issue that will be resolved in the next release.  I don't have any word on when that will be, though.  For now, your best bet may be to use Larian's patched OpenBiblio at  Otherwise, you can fix the problems yourself by following the directions in this post:

      And this bug report:

      Sorry about this,


    • dpoquette

      dpoquette - 2005-09-16

      Thanks.  I will give it a try.

      By the way, I don't have much experience with PHP, but if a person wanted to port this to SQL Server, would code changes have to be made, besides the sql syntax?  I know there are utilities that will help port the database.

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-09-16

        Porting to Microsoft SQL Server shouldn't be terribly hard, but you would have to change a little code.

        All the calls to the MySQL API are in classes/DbConnection.php, so those would have to be changed.  Also, I'm not sure just how portable the SQL is.  I imagine some of it would need to be tinkered with as well.  It's spread around a bit in install/sql/*, locale/en/sql/* (change 'en' to your locale if necessary), and classes/*Query.php.

        There was somebody working to make OpenBiblio use ADOdb for database access.  That would make talking with SQL server easier, but I'm not sure how far he/she got.  Take a look at this thread:



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