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OpenBiblio as part of PortableApps

  • Greg Donaldson

    Greg Donaldson - 2010-07-01

    I would dearly love to test this software, however I am not technical enough to get it set up. Yes I have read the 'Install Instruction(New Systems)' but I am daunted by them.

    I have been testing moodle using the 'Portable Apps' version and wondered whether Openbiblio could be set up to run similar to other software. see

    is there anyone who could set it up as a PortableApp?

  • Joe Hagerty

    Joe Hagerty - 2010-07-07

    I could probably hack something together that would run off a thumbdrive.  where is the link for where you downloaded Moodle.  i will copy that.

  • Greg Donaldson

    Greg Donaldson - 2010-07-09

    Hi and thanks for the offer. The portable version of Moodle (called Poodle) does not seem to be on the PortableApps site any longer. I still have the 57mb file originally downloaded, so this could be emailed to you. It does include Apache and MYsql.

    Alternatively I could email just the start up folder for poodle which is about 47kb compressed file which contains the following files
       moodlestartENU; moodlestartESP; MoodlestartFRA; moodlestartLOC; moodlestartPTB; moodlestartRUS

    The reason I gave the portableapps launcher page was because the 'instructions for new intall' said something like 'get used to starting server and mysql'. The portableapps seems to make a nice GUI interface for nonexperienced people like me.

    By the way I did try to perservere with the "instructions for new install" for openbiblio and managed to create the mysql database. The line about making sure that the openbiblio folder was in htdoc root directory has me stumped as there is no such directory under  'mini_server_21_xoops' - no matter where i tried to put the openbiblio folder, when I tried to start openbiblio in a browser, it simply wanted to download the page.


  • Hans van der Weij

    'mini_server_21_xoops' is based on Uniform Server a leightweight. portable server that runs on Windows systems.

    I'm running Uniform Server version 3.5 as a testing system, it runs OpenBiblio without problems. Probably it's better to run a recent version, but you might have to adjust php.ini for OpenBiblio.

    The path to use for htdoc root directory is probably something like "C:\Uniform Server\udrive\www"

    Check the Uniform Server User Guide.

  • Greg Donaldson

    Greg Donaldson - 2010-07-10

    Thanks for all the comments. I guess I am not technical enough to know what I am really doing so I am giving up.

  • George

    George - 2010-07-11

    This Is As Close As You Will Get To A Portable Version Of Openbiblio Installation.  Just Extract It And Copy It To The Root Directory Of A Portable Drive Or Your Local "C" Drive.


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