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Branch Support in Open Biblio

  • Stephen Schutt

    Stephen Schutt - 2008-02-21

    I am working on getting a library system up and running.  One of the issues is that we want to link several separate libraries together.  We want each one to be able to search the books in each of the other libraries.

    Does anyone know of an addon or customization to OpenBiblio that is already started with support different branches or locations?

    I am willing to put forth the effort of adding this on, or to work with others on this - however, if it is already started, it would save me a TON of time.

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2008-03-01

      Joe and I have talked about this from time to time, but I don't think we've coded anything.  I think the basic idea would be to have an additional field in biblio_copy that said which branch library had that copy.  Shouldn't be too hard, and we'd probably be interested in adding it to the mainline if you do write it.



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