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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    Is there any chance that there will be a field for entering the location of a certain copy? In our case we have a number of small libraries spread out in different remote locations and it would be nice if it would be possible to enter this.



    • Antonio

      Antonio - 2005-10-31


      I am setting up a library system for just such a setup: it is a city library network covering many different districts which are all centrally administered.

      For this, I started from the openbiblio0.5.1.7(e) fork that is found at openbiblio.de.  However, I have made significant additions and changes to it, including translation to Spanish of all the system and MARC tags, addition of location and other info for copies, addition of inventory numbers, improved navigation, corrections to the permission system, etc.

      In the coming days I will also apply some more patches from various sources, add the possibility to search on all fields, and finally I will create a hybrid kind of offline-online system that synchronizes and maintains data from semi-independent systems (to circumvent the difficulties of Internet access that come with library's limited resources in a third world country).

      Obviously all these changes imply hundreds of variations and customizations which differ from the official OpenBiblio and from the announced version 0.6.0.  Specifically, the addition of location for copies requires changes to the database structure (new table), changes to the base PHP classes, new items in the administrative section, changes to the cataloging functions and display, modifications to the reports and --optionally-- changes to the permissions structure (so that library staff can only lend/change books from their own location).

      If you are interested in this unofficial solution, contact me at antonio at pentaedro dot com

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-11-02

        Sigh.  That's the third fork I know about.  Yours, mine, and Marcus Bautze's.  Do you and Marcus have time to work with me on integration?  I don't have a lot of time to devote, but I don't want to see us diverge more and more and repeat a bunch of effort.


        • Peter Bowers

          Peter Bowers - 2006-08-09

          Is there any progress on this integration?  Are any of these efforts in a state where they are usable/distributable?


      • Peter Bowers

        Peter Bowers - 2006-07-27

        This particular change is of great interest to me.  I'm administering a set of small "virtual libraries" which are actually independent but by voluntary agreement we will have a common database.  Before I saw this post I was actively playing around with "mis-using" one of the existing fields and just hard-coding the location or else setting up a barcode numbering system where each library would have a certain range they were required to use.  However it's obvious that this is far less than ideal.  Your offline-online system would also be of great help as well since synchronization between different libraries would be a significant issue (each library will have capability of entering their own books but then we need to somehow move those books back into a central location and then propogate to all locations).  We're dealing with similar 3rd-world connectivity issues...

        QUESTION: What is the status of this version?  What  source version are you based off of?  Does your translation into Spanish imply that there would be translation issues arising from moving back into English?  Any idea on when these changes might be moved back into the main trunk?

        I am a programmer from way back (C & oracle) but I've never done php so I'm kind of feeling my way in the dark here.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


        • Antonio

          Antonio - 2006-08-09

          Hi Peter:
          Sorry for my late answer, I was out on vacation.

          This implementation of OpenBiblio does indeed cover the needs you have.  It is based on the official OpenBiblio 0.5.1
          + the very useful improvements made by Marcus Bautze in openbiblio.de (version
          + it applies a number of other patches found in the patches section of this project
          + great many changes to the database structure and to the existing files
          + many new database tables and PHP files
          + improvements to the Spanish translation
          + new many changes to the language files which have to be completed back in English.

          All these changes make this version fork away from the main distribution.
          As I had to deliver results in a short period of time and with very limited resources, I haven't tried to merge it back to the official release, nor have I had the time to create installer files for it.

          Anyway, the online version is working very well in three different libraries and is fully debugged.  The online/offline version is working in a city library network (with a central bigger library and 16 remote centers), but there are a few open issues with it that make it still a beta product.

          If you have further questions, pose them here or to antonio at pentaedro dot com

    • Antonio

      Antonio - 2005-11-08

      I had to get this project rolling by November 15, so definitely I had to work on it independently of the speed at which you or Marcus accepted or implemented features.
      Is there a way to see what new features and changes you are creating on the official OpenBiblio?

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-12-14

        I fully understand that.  I have a local version of OpenBiblio that has to move at its own pace as well.  Even though I have CVS commit access and quite a bit of latitude with the official code, I don't know how long it will be before my version and stock OpenBiblio are in sync.

        I would like to move in that direction, though, and if you and Marcus have time to help it would be great.

        I imagine Marcus's version is closest to stock, and I'd like to see it merge with stock first, then yours, then mine, which is so far from stock it isn't funny.

        You can see the latest changes in official OpenBiblio by checking out the CVS repository.  CVS is not the ideal tool, but it's what we've got at the moment.  I'll also be posting an announcement about the upcoming OpenBiblio 0.5.2 release as soon as I can.  It will contain a run-down of what's changed as well as a call for help with getting it ready for full release.  I especially need help with translation issues.



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