Changes done to make OpenBiblio do our job

  • Koen Roggemans

    Koen Roggemans - 2009-12-26

    Hi all,

    We (Sint-Ritacollege, Kontich) are using OpenBiblio as our library software. We did some modifications to make it work for us, which were mainly minor bugfixes. I think it would be nice for everyone that some of them went into core.

    For reference I made a list of what we have done:
    updates we made to make openbiblio work for us

    * new Dutch translation: see patch 2921523 (

    * catalog/biblio_fields.php: commented out loads of fields we do not use (the forum doesn't like me to post the code)

    * circ/mbr_search.php: our barcodes contain capitals and we noticed OpenBiblio doesn't like them. Therefore we convert all scanned codes to lowercase:

      if ($searchType == "barcodeNmbr") {
        $sType = OBIB_SEARCH_BARCODE;
        $searchText = strtolower($searchText);
      } else {
        $sType = OBIB_SEARCH_NAME;

    * classes/Query.php: added a patch to make OpenBiblio work good with UTF-8
        function connect_e() {
          list($this->_link, $e) = Query::_connect_e();
         $rc = Query::act( 'SET NAMES UTF8' );
          return $e;

    * install/0.6.0/sql/collection_dm.sql: tinyint changed to smallint to allow for longer borrow times then 255 days

    *  shared/read_settings.php: make Dutch supported (euro symbol)
      } elseif ($set->getLocale()=="nl") {
        obib_setlocale(LC_MONETARY,'nl_BE.iso885915', 'nl', 'nl_BE', 'nl_NL' , 'nl_BE.utf8');
        obib_setlocale(LC_NUMERIC,'nl_BE.iso885915', 'nl', 'nl_BE', 'nl_NL' , 'nl_BE.utf8');

    * navbars/circulation.php: fixed typo that prefented the translation of logout
      Logout => logout as index in array

    * applied patch 2001106 for uploading CVS data for books (

    Koen Roggemans
    IT-Team Sint-Ritacollege (Kontich, Belgium)

    Koen Roggemans

  • Hans van der Weij

    Koen, after reading the description and code of the Moodle block I think you have implemented login for users / patrons. Having said that, it's tempting to speculate about using this as a foundation for implementing patron self service features like hold requests and renewal.
    But I can't assess that, on the topic of security. Also I'm not sure how this relates to developments for OpenBiblio 1.0.
    If you would like to know more, I suggest you take a look at the code for OpenBiblio 1.0 Work In Progress on the development site. There is a section about integration with other systems on the development wiki.

    Anyway, the Moodle block clearly demonstrates the potential of smart connections between OpenBiblio and other systems.
    I'd like to see more of this.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thank you for taking a look at my comments - I didn't see the reply's on my post comming until now.

    @flapante: as a user of  OS software, it is my duty to share what I've found (bugs or new code) with the community ;-)

    @ infinite-mnkz: It's not quite that, but in our school we use Moodle logon as a vehicle for all kinds of home grown scripts. Creating a safe user management for OpenBiblio might not be necessary if there is enough example code to write plugins for other environments. I don't think many people run OpenBiblio as their only software and tying it in with a learning environment makes it really neat.

    Anyway, thanks a lot to all coders and forum posters here to make this a nice piece of software!


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