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  • dude4linux

    dude4linux - 2005-05-04

    Now that we have selected OpenBiblio for use in our small library, my librarians have started asking for enhancements, one of which is a keyword search.  Specifically they want to allow searching across multiple fields of the database including the biblio summary with one or more keywords entered by the user.

    Has anyone implemented such a feature, or started work on e?

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2005-05-04

      I have done it for the new 0.6.0 data model, though it hasn't yet been put in CVS.  A version for 0.5.x would look different, though, so I don't think my work will be of much use to you until 0.6.0 is ready.  That's a ways off.


      • Adri

        Adri - 2006-09-10

        Has there been any development of a keyword search function for version 0.5.2-pre4?

        thank you!

    • Hans van der Weij

      For a small library, not too many bibliographies, you could try using the reports function as a workaround:
      Make a custom report that lists the fields to be searched.
      Starting from the Reports tab the librarians run the report and use the browsers search function to search for a keyword.
      Ideas for reports can be found in this thread:
      Use bibid as a column to get a link to the bibliography or use code from the classificationLink report to have a similar effect.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      what's about:


      news at pno cc

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-05-20

        That's a custom version I'm working on for some clients.  It's based on 0.4.0, but with a database schema very similar to what will be in 0.6.0.

        In many ways, it's a very different OpenBiblio.  Circulation and reports have been almost completely rewritten.  And even though the rest looks pretty similar, a lot of underlying code has changed.

        Many of the features and changes in that version will end up in the standard OpenBiblio distribution at some point.  But it will be a while before that happens.  After 0.6.0, at least.

        If someone would like a copy of my in-progress code, I wouldn't mind sending it along.  But I can't really offer support for it right now.  I wouldn't recommend trying it unless you really need some features stock OpenBiblio doesn't have, and you are handy with PHP and willing to fix things you don't like.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I think multiple field searching is good. If library is of medium size I think the bibliographic search requires some more specific capabilities to offer the opac users like more than one field searching.
      I am a librarian and found many users with such requirements.



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