• cdanik

    cdanik - 2010-02-26

    First of all, I would like to say that openbiblio is a great product!

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to upload a thumbnail of the book cover, and then let it be seen in the OPAC module. I've seen this feature pop up lately in a lot of commercial library management systems.

  • Jane Sandberg

    Jane Sandberg - 2016-05-14

    This feature will be in 1.0.

    • MrPierre

      MrPierre - 2016-06-26

      Is the plan to use the Amazon API to extract the book covers or to use the openLibrary database? The Amazon way is certainly more effective but with the increasing restrictions on their system due to abuse in the past is making things more complicated. Still, I hope we'll be able to access this giant of a database.

  • Jane Sandberg

    Jane Sandberg - 2016-06-27

    Good question! Right now, it relies on catalogers to upload an image (or quickly snap one with a webcam). I did propose that it be able to pull images from external sources. I'm particularly interested in using OpenLibrary's API, because it is very simple and open and catalogers can fix any mistakes they see in the external data. But please feel free to review my proposal and add your comments here:


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