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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I'm sure it's been mentioned, but the one thing I feel Openbiblio is missing is data entry via ISBN number lookup / barcode reader.  It is a wonderful program, but the data entry by hand is overwhelming.

    • Fred LaPlante

      Fred LaPlante - 2004-03-23

      I wrote an addition/patch for OpenBiblio some time ago to solve this problem.  You can get a copy at my site:

      I just completed entering some 1500+ books at the local library using it.  There is a readme with it to help you along.


    • Richard June

      Richard June - 2004-04-08

      I have been working on this also, however my work has been setting up a MARC database, centered around providing fairly complete records. as opposed to the records you find at the LoC.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        How are you (Richard) supporting the presentation of MARC data on your OPAC query? I'm may need to support a bulk extract of marc data.

        As well, when manual entry is done of title, author etc in Obiblio, why is the data not stored in MARC format directly? Most Biblio fields do map to valid MARC fields & tags.
        A. Abusow

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          at the moment it's only a single lookup via isbn, I could bulk lookups probably wouldn't be so bad to implement.

          One of the devs told me that they did that for quick lookup rather than use the marc tables.

    • Fred LaPlante

      Fred LaPlante - 2004-04-10

      For what it's worth, I just made a few changes / updates to the Lookup add-on.  Its available at my site:

      There is a suggestion in the readme.txt file of how to change the new biblio screen so that when you finish with that form, the new copy form will immediately appear.

      I have also made a slight mod to the new member screen to automatically enter the next available library card number on the form.  It's also available on the above site.



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