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    Hi, I'm a librarian of a small organizational library on a school campus and I'm trying to redo our whole system(which is currently done all on paper).  OpenBiblio sounds like a great thing to use, butour organization has to go through the school's servers. The servers use phpMyAdmin, and we do not have privileges to create a new database only new tables under the one we already have, is there a way I can get around that to get this to work?

    Also, since we don't have admin privileges with mySQL is there another way to do number 6 from the install instructions(that kind of confused me, as when I log on it says that I am a user@localhost)?

    If there is no way around those problems, is there another program I could use?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm sorry, I put this in the wrong section, if the admin can move this, please do.
      Sorry again.

    • Matt Boytim

      Matt Boytim - 2008-07-23

      Someone made this same request a long time ago for hosting services that provide only one database (to avoid paying for a higher level of service that provided more than one database).  I'm not sure it is implemented but I do know that in the stocktake addon there is a parameter for setting the database prefix which I assumed was for support of this particular feature.  It appears it may have been added - in the database install script there is a parameter DB_TABLENAME_PREFIX which is defined in shared/global_constants.php that looks like it might do the trick.  I would try that, and possibly on a test machine first to see if it does what you want.

      As far as step 6 goes, I think you would only do that if you were creating a new database.  If you are adding tables to an existing database then you would already have a user for it and you would just specify that user/password in the database_constants.php.



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