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    Question: I have read your manual like 0.6 but i have problemes 

    I will report Bookname, author and 3 other mark codes (like Copy Search)!
    Have you a other example with marc-code reports?

    Answer: By: Hans van der Weij (infinite-mnkz) - 2007-03-14 09:35
    Now about your question; if I remember correctly the result pages for Copy Search show only fields from the database table 'biblio', and not what is reffered to as 'MARC fields' in the biblio new and biblio edit pages.
    So what fields exactly do you want for your report?
    It could be complicated. I don't remember seeing SQL code for a report to show more than one MARC field in a report.



    "For this how-to, we'll write a report that shows us the average age of the items in our collections. We can guage the age of an item by it's publication date which should be stored in MARC field 260$c."

    The manual is good,  but i dont understand what i must do :(

    I need an example only for a list without computations. 

    Example: Marc field  260$c 259$a  Book name, Author

    Simply as Simply :-)

    The Rest is for me true and error to create the list i need it exactly.


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      The reports in the new 0.6.0 seem nice and easy to use.  However there are 2 additional things I would like to do and I'm not sure if either one is available and I'm just not seeing it or if I need to create new reports.  I briefly read through the instructions for creating new reports and unfortunately don't understand enough about sql or the structure of the openbinlio databases.  If anyone can provide some help with these, I would appreciate it.

      I am looking for a report that sorts bibliography records by call number, secondly by author, and thirdly by title, for the purpose of completing a shelf-read to confirm the books are all accounted for and in the correct order.

      Also, with the old reports I could see which books were recently added by scrolling to the bottom of the report.  I would like the ability to see what records have been added on a certain day - would help in proofreading and quickly checking the work of volunteers who enter the information.

      Thank you for your help!

      Michael Babler


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