Greek Translation

  • Giorgos Vasilopoulos

    I'm interested in translating OpenBiblio to Greek language. Does anybody else work on it? Can I start working on it?

  • Foteini Aravani

    Foteini Aravani - 2010-12-21

    I have installed openbiblio in my library and i am more than willing to help with the translation in greek!

  • xarilaos

    xarilaos - 2012-03-29

    can you please provide a link to your library?
    I am not interested in the interface but in the data entry. (books with greek titles)

  • AlexRayne

    AlexRayne - 2014-09-16

    here project provides MultyLinguval interface - this is use english translations by default, and your selected - for provided translations. may be it could be intrests to starting point< since it give workable english UI with incomplete translation/

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  • alex iatrid

    alex iatrid - 2014-11-15

    hello, this translation affects the data viewing of the database too, or only the program? After my upgrade to 7.2 my greek book titles are transformed to question marks. The database doesn't have problem, i can see it in greek letters. I have done the changes in admin-->library settings in utf8, and also added some code in classes-->query.php but i still see only question marks. Please do you have any advise to give me? thanks

    • AlexRayne

      AlexRayne - 2015-09-18

      looks like your translation resources are written not in utf8 encoding (files in locale\<lang>\ directory). i`ve have to convert encodings for all translation resources for every language.
      in last wrsion of my MUI you not need to convert\update databse to see translations, every language availiable. but translation of MARC tags are still need DB upgrade.


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