Lookup updated as of 8 Apr 2005

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2005-04-08

    - Major change is ability to do a search by title & author. Also if multiple hits result from any search you will receive a short list of all hits from which you can cut & paste ISBN or LCCN & Author and immediately do a new search.

    - Second change is facility for auto assignment of a user supplied default Dewey call number to fiction if none is found by a search.  (Fiction is determined from LC 'PS' or 'PZ' classification code) You can also have a  cutter code, of the form 'Axxxa', added to this Dewey, either LC type, or Cutter-Sanborn 3-digit (thanks to Christopher Dagleish of Bavaria for that).

    - User configuration material broken out into a seperate lookup_conf file.

    - user may specify a user ID and password for Z3950 server access.

    - Installation procedure seperated from release notes.

    - new mysql table for Cutter - Sanborn codes.

    - A number of small bug fixes.

    Comments or enhancements appreciated.  Also I am curious as to how many are using this add-on.

    Fred LaPlante
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    • dude4linux

      dude4linux - 2005-05-10


      The latest lookup_install.txt is missing a '{' from the end of the line

      if (!isset($HTTP_GET_VARS["lookupVal"]) && !isset($HTTP_GET_VARS["srchBy"]))

      Also when using 0.5.1, I had to comment out the following line in biblio_new_form.php because it kept looping back to the login.


      Lastly how are supposed to install the mysql table for Cutter-Sanborn codes?

      TIA - John

      • Fred LaPlante

        Fred LaPlante - 2005-05-11

        >> The latest lookup_install.txt is missing a '{' from the end of the line

        Sure is. Good catch.  It will be fixed in all future releases.

        I have been using 0.51 both at home and the local public library for some time now.  Hadn't run int the problem you describe. The line
        is active in both cases here.

        MySQL will use any table present in the "database" directory.  So just copy the cutter table to  .../MySQL/Data/OpenBiblio
        Couldn't be easier.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I moved the Cutter files to the correct location and then tried uncommenting the line
      but still no luck.  My modified biblio_new_form.php starts off like this:


        $tab = "cataloging";
        $nav = "new";
        $helpPage = "biblioEdit";
        $cancelLocation = "../catalog/index.php";

              if (!isset($HTTP_GET_VARS["lookupVal"]) && !isset($HTTP_GET_VARS["srchBy"])) {
                      $focus_form_name = "lookupform";
                      $focus_form_field = "lookupVal";
              } else {
                      $focus_form_name = "newbiblioform";
                      $focus_form_field = "materialCd";

      //  require_once("../shared/logincheck.php");

      Can you spot anything wrong?

      Thanks, John

      • Fred LaPlante

        Fred LaPlante - 2005-05-20

        It looks fine to me. 

        Sorry, but I dont recall what your specific problem with Lookup is.  Can you refresh my memory please. 

        Fred LaPlante


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