Changing loan status on copies of books/items

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It would be really helpful if it were possible to be able to change the loan status of different copies of the same book or other item. This would allow for, eg, short loan copies of frequently used books, but have other copies for standard loan or reference. This is a common tactic in school and college libraries to help students make best use of the library, and also to put up loans!

    I would also suggest the following that would really be appreciated:

    A report giving items most recently added to stock- should be fairly easy to do- if I was any good at SQL and PHP, I'd do it myself!

    A refinement to the search feature on the OPAC. For example, allow searching by ISBN. This is useful for us librarians when doing bibliographic searches when ordering books for new stock. Also, being able to specify a series subfield to search under subject, perhaps, or maybe on it's own. This would mean that if you added "Star Trek" in the series field to catch all your Star Trek books, you would find them. The trouble is, that if you used the LOC lookup to upload MARC records, they don't include Star Trek in the cat record, and you need that! I'm sure people could think of other examples where such a feature could prove useful.

    Having said all this, I think OpenBiblio is an excellent piece of work. I say this, having worked in libraries for 10 years, and used several different library systems, including Heritage, BLS, Inmagic, URICA. Please keep up the good work!

    • Hans van der Weij

      > A report giving items most recently added to stock

      > A refinement to the search feature [...] useful for us librarians
      Alternative solution for searches that are not possible yet with the OPAC: OpenBiblio library staff can use customized reports.
      May be someone can publish a collection of customized reports?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Thanks - info much appreciated


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