Checkout multiple people w/o keyboard

  • Newtron35

    Newtron35 - 2013-01-28

    In 6.1, someone had created an add on that while during the checkout process, if you scanned a barcode that was a user's I'd barcode instead of a book barcode it would bring up that member's page and be ready to check out a book for them.  (I believe it was called  self checkout).  This functionality is wonderful especially when dealing with small children (kindergarten & such). It was also helpful when you have many people in line (speeds up processing) as you just verify that the screen has the correct checkouts and then just scan the next member's code.   Thanks for all the work you all do 

  • Matt Boytim

    Matt Boytim - 2017-04-12

    Hi Jane,

    I don't recall seeing this original post from newtron35 in 2013, but I suspect he might be referring to the "self service" modification that I made for our library because it works as he described. I think what you describe is essentially the same with maybe some enhancements. For example, with my changes I don't know what happens if there is a problem when trying to check out a specific copy - I don't remember making any changes regarding that so the behavior would just be however openbiblio reacts. We don't enforce use of different barcodes for students and books - we just use different conventions to avoid 'collisions'. My self service mods seem to work well (in use for more than 10 years). I made a few other changes such as on the checkout screen I think I removed some user information and display the user name in large font and in red. I don't know if openbiblio can have users that can't check out but if so then you could have users scan that user's barcode when they are done checking out so that the next user doesn't check out to the previous user.



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