• Nobody/Anonymous


    I am actually working on a french translation for openBiblio but i just noticed something that is not helping me out ! I have to modify the database to translate all the fields !! 

    Maybe you could think about using only php file as langage file, it took me some times to understand why i still had english quote in the application.

    I now have to modify those 4 tables :

    I'll try to upload a mysql script when its over

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      We appreciate the suggestion and we are already working on a solution for the next release.  If you get a mysql file, go ahead and upload it and we can begin the process of including it.

      • Peter Bowers

        Peter Bowers - 2008-11-11

        Where can I get details on the proposed solution?  I have put together capabilities to change locale dynamically via $_SESSION but that doesn't work for these *_dm tables (as well as the library name).


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