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About Version 0.5.0

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, may I know when is the exactly date to release
    OpenBilio Version 0.5.0? Thanks.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Seems like developers for this system dont know the differents on weeks and months. Not only that, but not to update this site to keep users infomed tels this library system/project is unvise to take in use. Shame, because it really seems like a promesing system..

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      What kind of bonehead remark was that? The request for information was valid. However for the reply, what have you personally invested into this project? The developers have full time jobs and a life. If they spend their VOLUNTEER time wisely to ensure a reliable release is delivered, it is their (wise) preogative. Acquire a virtue called patience and matbe another called wisdom. If you want to accerate the development process, volunteer. Please note that even informative status updates take time. (not a developer)

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        The developers don't seem to *want* volunteers. the dev meetings are closed, the todo list is closed. and they don't talk to the userbase a whole lot.

        • Micah Stetson

          Micah Stetson - 2004-07-29

          I would like to object to one point of your message: I think I talk to the userbase quite a bit.  I've spent well over an hour doing so already today.  Time that I would otherwise have spent writing OpenBiblio code.

          The other points may be valid.  But I would be more interested in listening if you suggested something specific that we could do to improve.  You haven't made a case for why and how the project should change, you've just said how bad things seem.

          Also see my reply to richardjune on this thread.


    • Peter Leschev

      Peter Leschev - 2004-06-29

      I'm not the originator of any of the above comments, but I'd like to say that I HAVE submitted patches over a year ago which haven't been acknowledged by the team - It would be nice if they  were, either apply the patches to CVS or reject them (With a reason why would be good). It's a great product, it's a pity the dev team isn't as responsive as other projects.

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2004-06-29

        It is a shame.  I don't think there is any excuse for what's happened.  But in our defense, there are only three active developers, and none of us is free to spend all of our time working on obiblio.  Dave and Joe have full-time (sometimes more than full-time) jobs and each of us has a host of non-OpenBiblio obligations.  Recently, it's been difficult even to schedule meetings among the developers because we are all so busy.  I'm the new guy (only about two months on the team), but I'm probably the one with the most time for OpenBiblio at the moment.  (My real job includes OpenBiblio development now, but I'm not directly paid to work on the official version.)  It's a sad state of affairs, and I apologize for the way it's been.  But please bear with us a bit, we're trying to make things better.

        About the release: we were waiting on the MARC record import code, but the developer working on that sent it to me over the weekend.  So after I make some minor changes to it, it will be in CVS.  Once that is done, release will happen as soon as Dave approves it.  This is all very late, and we should have posted something on the news page.  Again, I apologize.

        About the patch tracker:  I took on the responsibility of dealing with the tracker requests.  The fact that your patches haven't been looked at in the last two months is my fault (I wasn't around a year ago).  I did clean up the bug and support trackers, but I didn't get to the patches.  At that point, I believed that 0.5.0 was imminent, so I wanted to wait until after the release to review the patches.  That is still my plan, but I do apologize for not getting to these things earlier.  If I had known that the release was going to be three months late, I might have done differently.

        Pleschev, I want to thank you for the work you put into this project.  You've submitted more useful bug reports and patches to the trackers than any other individual.  And even though you still haven't gotten all the responses you deserve, you're still civil toward the developers.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.


        • Richard June

          Richard June - 2004-07-28

          yeah, you can't do anything because there are only three of you. Yet you turn away volunteers and offers to help, as well as actual code.
          I would love to hear that logic.
          how about dev meetings on IRC, or some other public forum?

          • Micah Stetson

            Micah Stetson - 2004-07-29

            I personally am not the one who decides what contributions are accepted and who is added to the team.  So I'm not really in a position to tell you exactly what the logic is, but since this is a reply to my own message, I'll give you my version.  I imagine it's that Dave (who is in charge) is very busy outside of OpenBiblio.

            Accepting contributions and offers of help is a big job in its own right.  Open Source projects have a tendency to grow into gigantic, complex monsters.  The only way to prevent this is for someone (or some small group) to approve all the changes and make sure they are necessary and tasteful.  Just opening everything up for a free-for-all does not a clean, simple, maintainable application make.

            Overseeing contributions to OpenBiblio (and doing the job well) would probably take a person a few hours a week at this point.  That person would also have to have a very good sense of style and the full trust of the development team, especially the project leader.  But none of us who are currently on the team have the time right now.  So we're in a bad situation.

            The summer has been crazy, at least for me, but things are starting to slow down a bit.  I think similar things can be said for Dave and Joe.  I have hope that we'll all have more time to spend soon.

            For now, my advice is this: make it clear that you would like to join the team, and begin to submit your changes to the patch tracker.  When I get a chance, I will go over the patches in the tracker and integrate those ones that are obvious wins, argue with you about the ones that I don't like, and show the ones I'm not absolutely certain about to Dave.  I can't promise that I'll respond as quickly to a patch as I try to on the forums.  But the trackers are my responsibility right now, so you can complain about  me personally rather than the general "you guys" that everyone seems upset with.  As to when or whether you might be added to the development team, that's not my call.

            I'm not sure whether more public development meetings would be a win or not.  I don't have a clear opinion about it.


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Thanks for the info. I had been waiting to see a note about 0.5, finally came here and found these bits.

      I am using 0.4 in a small school library and am looking forward to the updates that 0.5 will bring. Hope we see it soon.

      As for the above a-hole with the snide comments, there will always be critics. Don't let 'em get you down... ;)


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