Multiple Libraries (Schools) - One DB?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a single instance of OpenBiblio to support multiple libraries (i.e. using a single union database)?

    • Peter Bowers

      Peter Bowers - 2008-11-11

      I'm working on a patch to allow this.  If you're interested you can check it out at  Drop me a line at obbranch.z.pbowers AT spamgourmet DOT com and I'll get you a username/password as well as the actual patch if you're interested.

      Note if you search for "copies location" in the features forum you will see that antoniopaez (sp?) has also done a similar feature but with probably much more capabilities.  The difference is mine is English-based and so doesn't require back-translating and mine is 0.6.1-based rather than 0.5.2.  Neither of those issues are "show-stoppers" and so Antonio's work is well worth looking into based on his description.


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