Email to members.

  • Peter Leschev

    Peter Leschev - 2003-07-22

    It would be nice if we could email members if their books are coming up to their due date or if their books are over due.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      plz try to provide this facility. it'll be very nice

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I third this motion! It would facilitate the use of the software to be able to send either preset email messages to a queries set of users email's and have the option to "amend" the email (gives the option of clearing it all out and then writing a custom email too that way)

      Great program! I am loving it so far. Hope the 'help' area is progressing. Some of us are still learning the library processes and nomenclature.

  • Amanda

    Amanda - 2009-10-20

    It would be nice if the emails were automatic, and if we could also cc someone to put a bursar hold on the user's university account.


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