uml design, or openbiblio's actors/objects

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    someone knows where can i find th euml design, how was designed openbiblio and the actors/objects used in openbiblio? i have been searching for it but by the moment i didn't find anything.

    i need those 'cause is my degree project and i must include them into the documentation.

    thnx to the responses.

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2008-03-01

      I don't know whether Dave used UML or any of the other modeling methods in his initial design of OpenBiblio.  I tend to use pseudo-code, prototyping, and refactoring as my primary design tools.  I think  diagrams have a tendency to help people make over-complicated designs.  I'm not saying OpenBiblio is a model of simplicity, but we're working toward that.

      I did use actor/object modeling with 3x5 cards to work out one of the iterations of the PDF layout engine in classes/Lay.php.  I think that helped me code a version of the layout engine I barely understood.  It was fragile and had a bunch of corner cases I couldn't adequately explain.  I ended up using the cards again to try to figure out those bugs.  After an evening of shuffling little note cards, I realized that I could simplify the code immensely by thinking less about actors passing messages and more about code managing data structures.  Now the module works reliably, and I can understand and explain it without needing any special tools.

      I'm not trying to say that modeling is never appropriate.  But by the same token, I think it's used more often than it's helpful.

      Anyway, if you really want it, I have a half-done UML-ish diagram of the work-in-progress database format in dia.  It doesn't apply to the current stable releases, though.  Out of curiosity, what sort of project are you doing with OpenBiblio?


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      thnx Micah.

      my project is only to adjust openbiblio for a small library, translating every messages that weren't translated by a group of Chileans students. in this little version the users search by subject, author, title and resume.

      the students ask for a reserv or they can do it by themselves clicking on the reserve link and typing their card number. this reserv it's only by 2 hours, after that time, when the admins checks for any user or material, the system checks if exist any material with status hld and check if the hold time is over and delete all the reserv with those conditions and update the status to in.

      i think is all. but as any degree project, in the documentation it's needed to add the uml diagram, and the explanation about the actors. ah! including the E-R Model.

      anyway i'm doing the explanation of the actors by myself, checking another project similar to openbiblio and deducing each thing. but good... i hope it's correct what i'm doing.

      thnx one more time

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2008-03-04

        Interesting.  If you'd like, you can put your description of the actors and such on the wiki someplace.  I don't know whether you're doing your paper in English or not, but even if not, it might help the next person to come along.  Just make sure you note which version of OpenBiblio you're describing.  If you'd rather not post it, that's fine too.

        Good luck,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      OK. obviously my doc is in Spanish. even i can translate the actors description. i'll do it once my teacher gives me the OK in all my doc. and i'll do an advice after.


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