some customization needed

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi i have a few features that i need for our library. an experienced php programmer should not have much problems fulfilling my needs.

    can any of the developers help me out? i can go into more detail and will be willing to sponsor if the price is affordable. The features developed for my needs would suit most libraries out there so I certainly do not mind if the features are incorporated in the next release.

    please reply here or drop me an email


    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2005-09-08

      This is not an official policy statement as I haven't gotten consensus from the other developers.  But I think it would be best if replies to this sort of thing were done via private mail rather than on the forums.  Using the forums for announcements is great, but if offers of help are provided via private mail, then the poster can choose between them without public critique or hurt feelings.

      So I encourage anyone offering an OpenBiblio consulting job to post here, but I encourage potential consultants to reply via email.  However, it would be helpful if the original poster would post a followup message after the position has been filled or if the offer is no longer valid for some reason.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      This offer has be filled.

      Shivan Jaikaran


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