MARC import

  • Richard June

    Richard June - 2004-03-16

    Greetings all. It's been a while. I wrote the beginnings of a MARC record import(proper MARC format even). it's not perfect but it seems to be pretty close.  I need to know who's in charge. It's been a while since the last news update.

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2004-03-16

      To the best of my knowledge, Dave Stevens (dstevens77) is still in charge, but nobody seems to be able to get in contact with him very easily.  I'm hoping that will change if he ever gets more time to devote to the project.  Your best bet for now might be to post any code as a patch and then make a note in the forums saying you've done so.  Dave does make infrequent postings on the forums and at least one of the other official developers, Joe Hagerty (revjoe), seems to watch them a bit more closely.

      However, I believe Joe has MARC import code already set to go into 0.5.0, so you might want to talk to him about that.  I wish the development code were in CVS for all to see, it might help prevent this kind of duplication of effort.

      About the news updates, were you looking at the sourceforge news updates (i.e. via RSS or the summary page) or at the project home page (  The former hasn't been updated in a long time (sadly), and more recent news updates are only available from the home page.

      Micah (not an official developer)

      • Richard June

        Richard June - 2004-03-16

        well, I wrote the initial MARC import and z39.50 import as well as MARC export so that obiblio users can export MARC records to other obiblio users.
        not only that I posted a patch, I recently rewrote the MARC bits and am trying to find out who actually runs the show and get some work done. :-) I'm setting up a MARC server ala and am looking for contributers.

        • Nobody/Anonymous

          Well Dave Stevens (dstevens77) is still in charge, and we are working hard on the 0.50 release.  If you'd like to compare notes on MARC importing, drop me a line as I wrote what will end up in 0.50 as the MARC import module and am familiar enough with it to know it is not yet complete.

          I am also intrigued by your Marc server idea.  Would you suggests something like an OAI implemetation.  And how would you secure records that a library might not want exported?

          Send me an email or catch me on IM if you like.

          Joe Hagerty

          • Joe Hagerty

            Joe Hagerty - 2004-03-16

            n00b wasn't logged in above... so email me at


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