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  • Newtron35

    Newtron35 - 2005-06-13

    With the end of the school year at hand (we use Openbiblio to run our K-8 private school library) we needed a quick way to scan the shelves in order to verify the status of all the books. 

    I modified 4 files which will let you: scan a barcode with the scanner, return the title and status (just like in a "bibliography search") with the status in large red letters, and then refresh back to the Barcode number search page.  The refresh can be disabled by deleting 1 line of code, or you can change the refresh time with the "content= "# of seconds". I'm working on a way to "harvest" the scans so that we can compare the results to the current status of items in Openbiblio. (items sometimes "walk off" or might get reshelved by a well-meaning teacher that forgot that you have to check-in the book prior to reshelving)

    We have 2 laptops on carts circulating around the room with scanners. 

    If anyone is interested in the files, I'm happy to share them. Just email me @

    (there are 4 files: 2 new (modified from 0.5.0 php pages  and 2 mods to ../cataloging.php and style.css.  No other 0.5.0 functions or files are changed, just the navbars on the Cataloging section to access "shelf search" and style.css to make the "status" more visible)



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