Adam Lowe
  • Adam Lowe

    Adam Lowe - 2006-03-25

    I've begun looking at an installation of OpenBiblio and are impressed. However while it suits while our library is starting up, there are several key features which we will need in the future (e.g, advanced search, user holding, email due reminders etc). Hence I was wondering if there was a Roadmap for development, which would be helpful to make an overall decision.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2006-04-04

        That roadmap is pretty old.  It actually predates 0.5.0 (and me), and it looks like we've already hit a couple of the 0.9.0 goals.  I should probably take it down.  In the interest of keeping everything public, I've put my own roadmap up on the wiki:

        Given the current state of development, that's as official as it gets.



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