Future Features

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Just wondering what we can expect in future releases. Not being pushy just wondering.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Well, not speaking on the record, I know people are working on:

          * New OPAC interface
                o Member Interface for allowing Bookings
                o Member Interface for checking account
          * New Marc Parser
          * Improved MARC Import / Export
          * On import -> Records are added to the Cart
          * Image Support
          * New Search Interface
                o Keywords: Title, Subject, Series, Publisher, Item Number
                o Media Type
                o Audience Level
                o Production Date
          * Manage Requests (Bookings)
          * Biblio View
                o Subjects link to search
                o Publisher links to search
                o Marc View
          * Print Catalog
          * Biblio Edit
                o New simple edit screen
                o New Marc Editing Screen.
          * Carts
          * Request Cart
          * Multiple Sites
                o Members only
          * School Calendars
          * Bulk Delete using list of barcodes
          * Admin Interface to Check Database
          * New Database Format
                o Call number has changed -> now in custom marc field.
                o Title, author etc…. has been removed from biblio and put in Marc tables
          * Better Internationalization

      I am also working on (Not necessarily included in 1.0.0)
          * Per field type decorators (adding links after the author's name which link to author's bio in another app)
          * TagClouds and Ratings for items
          * Admin features to cleanse data (remove trailing /'s from titles etc.)

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Looks promising. Thanks for everything.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm especially intersted in:
      - New OPAC interface
      - Member Interface for allowing Bookings
      - Member Interface for checking account
      - Subjects link to search
      - Publisher links to search

      And all the modules that help to interface obiblio with internet and to help a user to search into the biblio catalog as with a search engine.
      If anyone is working on that I'm glad to collaborate. Write to me at ollari@libero.it

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would like to see book cover image on librarian interface and opac in future versions

      Vimal Kumar


      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2008-06-20

        This will be in 1.0.  That feature is already pretty-much done.

        I'm trying to raise money so that I can take enough time off of other work to finish 1.0.  If anyone is interested in helping, contact me privately.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would like to add:

      A table where we could enter holiday dates and offset return due dates by a + or - number of days.  This would allow this to be created for dates in the future eg: handle Christmas holidays and New years in June.

      Ability to override programmed number of loan days to accommodate custom due dates.  Usefull when someone needs a book for a slightly longer period.

      A Z39.50 server


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I would like to import records in UNICODE format

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        ...sorry, obviously, I mean UNIMARC format


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