Member checkout denial

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2009-08-08

    The librarian at outr local public library (my wife!) has asked if OpenBiblio can flag a patron as having their checkouts rights denied.  This is the result of an individual having failed to return books after written and verbal requests for the overdue books.

    A quick check of the screens in v0.61 shows nothing available for such a feature.  So I am inclined to add this to the local copy in the interests of domestic bliss :-), etc.  Is this a something that would be of general interest such that I should consider making it a plug-in addition? Let me know your view on this.

    Fred LaPlante

    • Adam

      Adam - 2009-08-08

      Hi Fred -

      In our location, I've installed/tweaked the membership patch ( posted in the forums. To accomplish this, we just place the account expiration for the date prior and removed the "edit membership expiry date" field from user editing. Hope this helps!


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