Daily and Monthly Circulation reports?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi, It would be REALLY usefull if there was a report or a link so they you could view daily and monthly circulation by naterial type. This information is important for us in our monthly report to the town and otherwise we will have to record it by hand.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Which version of OpenBiblio ??

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2008-03-18

      That would not be a difficult report to write.  If you have somebody on staff who knows a little SQL, then they could write it for you, perhaps with a little guidance from this forum and the wiki.  Otherwise, I'm sure you could get what you want for a reasonable price by posting a customization request on this forum.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      V 0.5.2


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