I have tried to add this feature but it not working properly.
Show I express my idea to meet someone can do this.
1. Funtion to upload picture of user in member edit form.
2. Show picture of member on circulation page - member information.
3. Show link to member who is current checked-out item in search bilio. Show user name of member current checkout on OPAC
4. Print out the card for member using Z3o9 font in barcode. Print by range or by one by one.
5. Unicode support
6. Import export to iso 2709 or MARC
7. Website catalog support. We can catalog website in order to creat link to website from OPAC
8. Catalog digital material. Open digital material from OPAC. So it need a function to upload to webserver.
9. Z3950 protocol supported.
Feel free mail me at vblinh@cmc.com.vn to discuss more. Thanks