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  • Ecored Internacional

    I'm working on the OpenBiblio spanish version.  It will be ready in few days.  We will use this amazing script in for a library about environmental issues.
    What I need to do after it will be ready? How can I send it to the developers?

    • Joe Hagerty

      Joe Hagerty - 2004-08-31

      Well, that brings up a number of issues:  Are you simply modifiying the locale files, or are there other modifications that you intend to do?  Certainly whatever work you put inis appreciated and you can forward it to me if you like and I will see that it gets posted somewhere for everyone else to use.

    • Ecored Internacional

      Hi Joe!

      Yes, for now I am just making the translations but at the same time I am using the script I am finding some little things it could be good to change.

      The most important observation is about electronic copies of the bibliography.  I found in the variables I am translating something about an electronic copy of the bibliography but I couldn't find the option when I am using the script.

      How can I add the URL of pdf documents? Based on this, could be a good thing to give the people the option of upload pdf files like donations for the library.

      What do you think?

      • Joe Hagerty

        Joe Hagerty - 2004-09-02

        Re:  electronic version of the bibliography:  Not sure... can you give me an idea of where you found the variables you are refering to.  I'll have a look.

        Re: loading PDFs:  Well currently that is outside the scope of what the obiblio software is meant to do.  There are a number of threads discussing various ways to do what you are asking, but they all require some custom modifications to the code.

    • Ecored Internacional

      I was looking the variables files I am translating but I don't remember where I saw the variable for electronic versions. I'm sorry, it could be a missunderstanding.

      But I think the idea is good.  After I was looking for the option on the script running and I didn't find it I though could be a good idea to add the link for the electronic book on the description field of the copy.

      I checked the mySql and I saw the variable has 160 characters (could be enought space for a link) but when I went to the webpage I saw the HTML code says I have only 40 characters for this field.

      I opened the file catalog/biblio_copy_edit_form.php and change the line 113 from:

      <?php printInputText("copyDesc",40,40,$postVars,$pageErrors); ?>


      <?php printInputText("copyDesc",40,160,$postVars,$pageErrors); ?>

      Now I can insert some HTML code, I made the first test using this one:

      <A href="" target="new">Electronic version</A>

      Now, people can download or open in a new window the pdf file.

      Bugs: When I want to make a change in the "description" field part of the information is "incorporated" to the webpage outside the field.  I need to delete the part inside the field, save it and add the new HTML tag in order to make a change.

      Ideas: in the next version of openbiblio create an option for electronic copies with a field for the URL and a field for the text in order to make easier the process for people who don't know about HTML.

      I am moving my website to a new server, so the temporal address where you can see an example of what I am talking about is this one:


    • Nobody/Anonymous

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I'm interested in spanish translation, in order to not duplicate work.

      Can somebody point me to the actual translation, to save time?

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-02-09

        I know there is a Spanish translation, but I've been unable to reach the people who might have it.  If anyone on the forums knows where the translation is available, please post.


    • Oscar Manuel Gómez Senovilla

      I was not logged in before in, so I'm still interested, though I've done some work on my own, but there are terms I'm not sure to understand.

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-03-05

        I've been in contact with the person who may have the Spanish translation.  He's going to send me a copy of all the old translations.  If you'd like, I can forward this to you when I get it.  It's out of date, but it should be a good place to start.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Lo hemos traducido entre un par de amigos a un 98%. Nos faltan los Campos USMarc que, en mi caso, an no he decidido cmo hacerlo, ya que quiero adaptarlo a mis necesidades.
      Aquellos que quieran que les enve los archivos traducidos, que me enven un correo (o que me digan dnde puedo subirlo):

      Hasta pronto.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I've a complete spanish translation, including locale files and some others. I think it needs correction (english is not my mother tongue) so let me know where can i upload it or something. You're warned, it NEEDS revision

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2005-03-15

        Submit it to the patch tracker.  We have several other translations there, and it would help us to keep them all together.

        Thanks for your help,


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Termine la Versin en espaol al 100% incluyendo los sqls, pero me falta la modificacin en la creacin de los campos en el archivo principal, si alguien quiere concluir el proyecto, con gusto se los envio.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Estoy usando la traduccin que hice de openbiblio...y aunque me faltan archivos por traducir (USMarc)...funciona muy bien para las reas bsicas. Cualquier informacin comunicarse...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      • Peter Leschev

        Peter Leschev - 2005-04-26

                    I'd like to check this into cvs, could you please let me know of a contact name & email of the translator? My spanish isn't great, but I'm guessing it's:

        David Acevedo
        dacevedo AT funlam DOT edu DOT co

        Could you please confirm


    • Nobody/Anonymous


      Hi Peter/Micah. 

      My English is not good either, so first of all, my apologies by the errors that surely I am going to commit and by the delayed answer:  I had not returned to this forum until today. 

      I am David Cantn.  I have been in contact with Jesus Martn.  He sent me the translation done by David Acevedo.  You can be in contact with them in the addresses said at  You will need to replace the text "ARROBA" by "@" in their e-mail addresses.

      Jess Martn:
      David Acevedo:


      Hi Peter/Micah. 

      Mi ingls tampoco es bueno, as que antes de nada, mis disculpas por los errores que seguro que voy a cometer y por responder tan tarde a vuestras preguntas:  No haba vuelto a entrar en el foro hasta hoy.

      Soy David Cantn.  He estado en contacto con Jess Martn.  l me envi la traduccin hecha por David Acevedo.  Podis contactar con ellos en las direcciones dichas en  Necesitareis sustituir el texto "ARROBA" por "@" en sus direcciones de correo electrnico. 

      Jess Martn: David Acevedo:

      • Peter Leschev

        Peter Leschev - 2005-05-09


                         I've committed your changes to CVS (openbiblio060). Thanks for the contribution! I'll be forwarding this to David via email...


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi !
      We ar thinking in installing openbiblio at the library we have - from a Colegio de arquitectos in Canary Island- architect agrupation may be is not the correct translatation
      Do you know anybody who is using this program in spanish? so i can contact them directly.
      Alguien que este utilizando open biblio en la actualidad?

  • Emiliano Zapata

    Emiliano Zapata - 2012-07-10

    Actualmente existe una versión en Español de OpenBiblio, llamada EspaBiblio.

  • Orlando

    Orlando - 2012-07-24

    Bueno te dire algo, la traducción es muy sencilla, pero lo que me molesta es que no se traducir los campos marc, yo soy estudiante de bibliotecologia y he instalado el programa como en 10 instituciones, funciona a la perfeccion.

    si alguien me puede ayudar con la traduccion de los campos marc se lo agradeceria, aunquesea que me digan si es posible. saludos

    mi correo es
    twitter: @orlandrodriguez


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