Ritty - 2006-11-29

By request in the help section, I have created the Library of Congress SRU.
It may be downloaded at http://www.boardingdirectory.com/other/locsru.

This patch uses the Library of Congress SRU method of retrieving book data.  It
is similar to Fred LaPlante's LoC Lookup Patch, however this version does not
require YAZ to be installed.  If you have YAZ installed, I recommend using it instead as it is more full-featured.

Installation instructions are in the file install.html.

There are three files to modify and six files to place in the catalog directory.
If you have installation trouble, please make sure you have CORRECTLY modified
the three files and placed the six new files in the correct location.

I have only tested this on my system.  Please let me know how it works for you.