Automatic number assignment for new media

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Is there a way for the program to automatically assign a number to each new media. In the past, our system assigns an accession number to each new item which allows us to keep a running inventory. Is this possible? Thank you in advance

    • Hans van der Weij

      If you are talking about Add New Copy, required field Barcode Number:
      Yes, it is possible to assign this number automatically, starting from OpenBiblio release 0.5.2.

      On page Add New Copy:
      * Check (click) checkbox just before text "Autogenerate"
      * Leave empty (will be ignored): required field "Barcode Number"
      * Submit

      There is more info on this feature in the OpenBiblio Help system, accessible from "Add New Copy" page from one of these links:
      * Left hand menu "Help"
      * or "Help" at bottom of page




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