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  • Dave Hanson

    Dave Hanson - 2009-05-26

    I've downloaded the 0.6.1 and have it up and running. I love the application as it's easy to use and understand.

    I am having a problem though trying to run the "Labels" report. After clicking the Reports tab and selecting the Copy Search link, I click the "Submit" button on the Copy Search form and get a listing of all of the bibliographies in my database. I then click the "Labels" link on the left navigation and click the "Submit" button on the Skip Labels form.

    At this point, I receive a 404 error, with my URL looking like: "http://<domain name>/shared/layout.php?name=labels&rpt=Report&tab=reports&filled=1&lay_skip=0".  The issue, as far as I can tell, appears to be in the $1->render($rpt) call (within layout.php), but I'm still not able to determine why it's not working. Maybe it has something to do on permissions on the various directories, but I verified that they should be correct -- unless I'm missing something specific.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    - Dave Hanson

    • Dave Hanson

      Dave Hanson - 2009-06-05

      Since no one could assist in tracing down the problem, I just spent the last two hours tracing through all of the code (classes, layouts, etc) and found that by commenting the following paragraph within PDF.php, I can now generate reports and labels:

            if (!eregi('\.pdf$', $path)) {
              $path .= '/dummy.pdf';
              # Whatever's making this PDF had better be using only GET params
              header('Location: '.$path.'?'.$query);
      All reports, lists, labels, and such are now generating as expected.

      I hope this helps others!



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