how to get a report of all the member & books

  • output123

    output123 - 2004-10-30

    how can i print out a list of all the members or all the books in the database.
    sometime they will ask for how many books in children section for the Christmas or some search specific idea.
    is it difficult to make some new report?

    • Hans van der Weij

      > is it difficult to make some new report?


      1. Be prepared to do some reading in the MySQL manual.
      2. Study examples, see this recent thread in feature requests forum:
      3. OpenBiblio doesn't provide specific information about errors in your queries, so test them in phpmyadmin for example.

      Example member report:

      - <!--
        *  sql syntax rules:
        *  1.  Do not code column aliases.  This will mess up the selection criteria page.
        *  2.  Do not specify the sort clause in your sql.  The sort order will be specified
        *      by the user.
        *  3.  You may, but are not required to specify the where clause

      - <report>
        <sql>select member.barcode_nmbr ,member.last_name ,member.first_name ,member.address1 ,member.address2 ,member.home_phone ,member.work_phone , ,member.classification ,member.school_grade ,member.school_teacher from member</sql>



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