Importing MARC Files from DNB (Deutsche Nationalbibliothek)

  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-08

    Hi there!
    I can't find help for the following problem:

    I can easily import .mrc - files from if the file contains onely one book. If the file includes more than one, onely the first item will be imported. The other items will be created but left empty. The preview-function indicates the same.
    But if I open the .mrc File with an editor I can see that the information is in there.

    Am I doing anything wrong? Is there a solution for this problem?

    I am using openbiblio 0.7.1

    Thanks for help or links!


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  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-08

    I added an example-file

  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-09

    I found it out myself! I had to load the file in marcedit and use "compile to MARC" in the "file"-section. I don't understand why, but it seems to work like that.

  • Hans van der Weij

    Don't understand either. Haven't uploaded your example, but I don't feel like something is wrong there (except for the cold feet).



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