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  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I was succesfully installng OpenBiblio. After that I try login using default login information, that is 'admin'. I try login with that information, it's just giving me an invalid sign on message.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      User: admin
      Password: admin

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        yes. It works fine with me  admin/admin.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      me too.  admin admin doesn't work. 

      Is there an issue with maybe being authenticated but then bombing because the directory is not the root but /ob?  Thanks.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      More info.  When I use anything but 'admin' as password, It stays on 'loginform.php'  But if I do use 'admin' it goes to a blank screen called 'login.php'.  It seems like it is authenticating but then getting lost as to what to do next.  I verified in the mySQL staff table that the password stored there is indeed 'admin' (via MD5 test). 

      The only thing potentially non-standard for you is that I have the system in a subdirectory called 'ob'.  But for any other function, it seems to not care about that.  (I DO care about that.)  Thanks for any help you can render.

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        Not sure. Perhaps session data; step 2 install_instructions.html
        Looking at your phpinfo, session.save_path is set. Permissions?

        By the way, read step 11 install_instructions.html

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Yup!  setting the session.save_path did the trick.  Thanks for the heads up.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      To have the "sessions" set, I have been to my php.ini file (I am on Linux) and set it to /tmp. After that, I have created a folder called "tmp". What do I do next? What file or files do I have to put into the folder?

      • Nobody/Anonymous

        nothing more, hehe, but everyone needs reading and writing permit

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Sorry Nobody, still the same issue. How can you get to help me solving this issue? This is my email:

    • Godbout

      Godbout - 2009-04-02

      This is probably a writing/reading permits problem.
      Check if your webserver has sufficient rights to access the openbiblio files and folders.



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