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Problem importing MARC files

  • rwandaburundi

    rwandaburundi - 2013-07-14

    After uploading MARC data what I get is something like this:

    Nevertheless, the imported MARC files (I'm using MarcEdit to retrieve registries from different libraries) look like this:

    01316nam 2200349 4500001001500000005001700015008004100032016004600073017005200119020001800171035002100189040002600210080001900236100002400255245009600279260003000375300001800405650003500423956000800458980006600466980008900532980006700621926005000688926005200738926005000790927001300840927002900853927001300882927003000895927001300925927002800938bimo000023103620071106 840717s1983 sp 0000 spa 7 abimoBNE19921500523zIBH84058117422SpMaBN aB 35115-1983bOficina Depósito Legal Barcelona a84-7442-344-9 a(OCoLC)434371101 aIBHbspacSpMaBNerdc a340.96(46)"19"10aMartínez Calpe, P.10a12 grandes crímenes de la historia judicial españolah[Texto impreso]cP. Martínez Calpe0 aBarcelonabATEcD.L. 1983 a245 p.c20 cm 7aProcesoszEspañayS.XX2embne a1 2 .852. 40aM-BNbBNMADRID9MO01211259j4/209710xDGcSG_RECOLET .017. aB 35115-1983.852. 40aM-BNbBNALCALA9MO02820922jAHM/250554xAHcSALA_ALC .852. 40aM-BNbBNALCALA9MO01211260jDL/226926xDGcCONSERVACI aBNMADRIDbSG_RECOLETc4/209710dFONDO_MODEf1 aBNALCALAbSG_PETANTIcAHM/250554dFONDO_MODEf1 aBNALCALAbCONSERVACIcDL/226926dNO_PRESTAf1 aBNALCALA bLocalizacióncDL/226926 aBNALCALA bLocalizacióncAHM/250554 aBNMADRID bLocalizaciónc4/209710

    My question is why written accents won't show and how can I prevent this from happening? When I create a new bibliography instead they will show properly.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    • rwandaburundi

      rwandaburundi - 2013-07-15

      Ok. I figured it out. Just went to Admin Summary>Library Settings and changed the HTML Charset to UTF-8.

      I hope this info may be useful for somebody.

  • Hans van der Weij

    UTF-8 is the right choice if the database character set is utf8.
    Thanks for reporting.

    Note: OpenBiblio's support for UTF-8 is not complete. Multibyte characters can be problematic for search and for the report function's PDF layouts. I've planned to fix search in the next release, but I'm not sure about the PDF layouts.

  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-11

    As I am new to this I am wondering what I am doing wrong. My database is globaly set to utf-8, but in the structure fields I can see that the variables of openbiblio are set to latin1_swedish_ci, As long I just use the library by entering data by hand, everything is fine. But if I import MARC-Data in utf-8 they don't schow up properly. I will have to switch to utf-8 in the openbiblio settings to make it work. BUT than all german "Umlaute" get mixed up in those words that didn't came with the import. So everywhere: in the members section, in the page itself and so on.
    Is modifiying /classes/lay.php realy the onely way to solve this or do I just have to change all Variables to utf-8?

  • Hans van der Weij

    Support for utf-8 is really limited and hardly documented. The conversion by /classes/lay.php only works for PDF output of the reports function and is limited to utf-8 characters that can by translated to single byte.

    Supposing that the database character set for OpenBiblio tables is latin1, do not use utf-8 in openbiblio settings and try to prevent problems by converting to latin1 before importing.

  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-13

    "...try to prevent problems by converting to latin1 before importing."

    Can MARCedit do that for me? Or is there a better solution?

    • Hans van der Weij

      I don't know about MarcEdit, but converting between character sets is a feature of yaz-marcdump from the YAZ toolkit.

  • ME

    ME - 2013-09-14

    Ok, that worked out for me. Thanks!



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