Labels/PDF not working

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    When trying to create labels, my Acrobat reader says "Unrecognized object name". and nothing happens.

    I'm using Mozilla 1.3 and IE 6 sp1, Windows 2000, Apache 2.0.45 and PHP 4.3.1 as an module and MySQL 4.0.12-nt. Extension=php_pdf.dll is enabled in php.ini. I'm using OpenBiblio 0.4.0 Acrobat reader is version 5.1.

    Do you have any ideas, what could be wrong?

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I have the same problem with my Italian translation, but it correctly works with English.
      I think it's a word=command problem.


    • Dave Stevens

      Dave Stevens - 2003-06-09

      I am also using Mozilla 1.3 and IE6, Windows 2000, Apache 2 and PHP 4.3 but can not reproduce the problem.  One thing to mention is that the pdf software that I am using does not use the php_pdf.dll module so you do not have to enable it in php.ini.  I am using the pdf-php project on sourceforge (see\), which does not have special PHP compilation requirements  like the php_pdf.dll would.

      I wonder if there is a conflict with between the php_pdf.dll module and pdf-php.  Try disableing the php_pdf.dll module and see if it works.  Or, it could be  what Milhaus mentioned also.  Not sure.

      Hope that helps.

      - Dave Stevens
      OpenBiblio project admin

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I disabled the php_pdf module, but the problem still exists. Then I changed the language from my own Finnish translation to English, and PDF labelling works. Back to Finnish again, and I receive the error message "Unrecognized object name.".
      Like Milhaus said, it must be a word=command problem.


    • Nobody/Anonymous

      I am facing the same problem. but in a diffrent way. when i try to create lable on Windows 2000 using IE 6 sp1 nothing happens. there is a messege on the status bar of IE 'cancelled' and nothing appears. But on the other hand, when i try to create lable with Windows XP Client , all goes well . ??? why ???

      • Micah Stetson

        Micah Stetson - 2008-01-10

        I don't know.  Are you using 0.6.0?  This is the first report I've seen of a browser incompatibility with the new reports system.  Is the Windows XP machine using the same version of IE?


      • Hans van der Weij

        These are my results after submit on page Skip Labels:
        * Windows 2000, OpenBiblio 0.6.0, Acrobat reader 4.0, IE 6.0.2800.1106
        IE blank page, status bar: Done, Source can not be viewed
        * Windows 2000, OpenBiblio 0.6.0, Acrobat reader 4.0, Firefox
        Acrobat shows labels correctly

        What is your Acrobat / Adobe Reader version?

        • Micah Stetson

          Micah Stetson - 2008-01-10

          See what happens if you add this line to the top of shared/layout.php after the require_once("../shared/common.php") line:


          The old reports system did this, and there was a comment with it about IE doing funny things unless the line was there.  I didn't see anything in my tests, but it's quite possible that it only affects certain versions.


          • Hans van der Weij

            Adding that line didn't fix it for IE 6 / Acrobat 4. I'm quite sure upgrading Acrobat or installing a different PDF reader would. For now I'll stick with Firefox / Acrobat 4.

            Just to be sure my Acrobat / IE was not broken I tested some other web applications that produce PDF. Mixed results:
            * Some OK (including one that also uses the fpdf class)
            * Others failed with IE blank page


            • Micah Stetson

              Micah Stetson - 2008-01-10

              Which one uses FPDF and is OK?  There's probably something they're doing that we can copy.


              • Hans van der Weij

                That's the Article module for the XOOPS content management system.

                Live example:

                Downloads (sorry for the multiple requirements):

                * XOOPS

                * Article module
                (redirects to download page from China, slow for me)

                * Frameworks



                • Micah Stetson

                  Micah Stetson - 2008-03-06

                  I finally took the time to look into this a bit, and I think the problem is that IE and/or the old version of Acrobat Reader wants the URL to have a .pdf extension.  I can't be certain of this, though, as I don't have a misbehaving Windows box to test on.  I'd like it if somebody who can reproduce the blank-screen problem could try running a report and changing the layout URL from something like this:


                  to something like this:


                  or this:


                  If either or both of those URLs fix the problem, then we can put a simple workaround in obiblio.  (Both of the URLs behave just like the original for me under Firefox).


                  • Hans van der Weij

                    You've found the cure Micah, at least for my system (the same as before): Windows 2000, OpenBiblio 0.6.0, Acrobat reader 4.0, IE 6.0.2800.1106

                    Changing URL in IE address bar resulted in the same error as before.
                    Changing the php code fixes the problem but...
                    * Only your first suggested change works.
                    * Perhaps some additional code is needed to fix Overdue Letters.

                    # fixes .pdf print list
                    line 124

                    # fixes .pdf label layout
                    line 79
                    <form name="layoutparamform" method="GET" action="../shared/layout.php/dummy.pdf">

                    I did not see how to fix Overdue Letters. When I change /reports/run_report.php line 121 this causes the "Skip Labels" page to fail after submitting.



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