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  • Mike Chapman

    Mike Chapman - 2013-03-30

    I just now implemented OpenBiblio to use for a small library or approx 200 books and a small membership base.  I definitely needed a tool to maintain the collection and allow us to lend.  Being an absolutely newbie I now realise that I also need a tool to allow a member to browse the lending catalogue and submit a request for an item - I'm not sure this is possible with OpenBiblio?  Is anyone aware of such a tool for the borrowers?

    So far - it's been a mere few hours - I'm very happy with OpenBiblio.

    Best regards,

  • Hans van der Weij

    Browse the catalogue: Yes.
    Perhaps you did see the OPAC link, at the bottom of every OpenBiblio page. Just open it, and you'll understand what this acronym stands for.

    Browse catalogue and submit request. No.
    This feature is expected in the future. (Already available in development branch 10-wip. But currently you can not convert 0.x.x databases to this version automatically and there are more issues to solve).



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