Fred LaPlante - 2013-12-16

First off, OB will definately run under Linux with Apache and MySQL. That is perhaps its most common situation, I suspect. I use Ubuntu 13.04 here and it runs just fine for me.

But since you are new to OB with no data to relocate, I would like to suggest you take a look at ver 1.0, which is still in beta and available via bitbucket at I have attempted a French translation using Google translator and my poor high school French. I'd love to see you do a dutch translation for us. All translatable strings are in a single file so the process is more tedious than difficult.

I had not thought of using OpenLDAP for OB, and I do not recall any discussion of it. After the new year I would be willing to look into it for 1.0. I would probably like your asistance in that as my knowledge is superficial and limited to the windows version of LDAP from a few years ago.

Fred LaPlante
Maine, USA
OB-10-wip support

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