Rob Bosch - 2014-01-04

@Fred: I can only say, try Zentyal as a Domain Controller. It can be installed as a VM in ESX(i) or any other virtualization environment.
I have been talking with the developers of the Chamilo project. Chamilo has a LDAP module so LDAP users can authenticate agains LDAP to access Chamilo.
Maybe the code is compatible enough to be used for OpenBiblio. If OpenBiblio dev wants to talk to Chamilo devs for hints and tips, I will gladly introduce them. You can also go to #chamilo on IRC servers.

@Hans: you mentioned a connector for a school administration tool. I am quite fond of It would be great if OpenBiblio and Schooltool could be matched. BTW, Schooltool integrates seamlessly in Zentyal.