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  • schlostu

    schlostu - 2011-10-14


    I have installed Openbiblio 0.6.0 for the local City-Library ) with the german translation done by eric.zassenhaus. The Library is managed and maintained on a completely voluntary basis by 3 Ladies, which are quite happy with Openbiblio and look forward to use as from January 1st 2012. 

    Personally, I'm learning a lot trying to understand the system and have up to now been able to meet the wishes for adaptions by the Ladies-Team thanks to the very extended possibilites, which Openbiblio offers and thanks to this forum.  Importing Media-Data from existing Excel-Files to the MySql-Database under phpMyadmin was after some trial and error achieved/is in progress.

    But here is now my question :
    We need for the central German Library-Statistics not only the number of Books in the inventory by collection_dm, but also the number of checkouts by collection_dm. Can anybody help me in the adaption of the Report CheckoutStats.rpt, or has available another report, doing the trick, or has suggestions on how to solve this Problem.

    many thanks in Advance for hopefully quick replies.

  • schlostu

    schlostu - 2011-10-15

    Hallo Hans

    many thanks, works perfectly.

    We need this report with the possibility to select date-ranges, i.e. from specific date up to and including specific date. The users must be able to enter their date-ranges. Will try to extend report accordingly on basis of acquisitions.rpt, which provides this selection. Your hints for an available solution is of course very welcome.

    your reports-page has already been of great help for us. Thanks a lot.

    Schlostu (Ueli Joss)

  • Hans van der Weij

    Hi Ueli,

    Do understand that statistics reports for OpenBiblio 0.x.x  use Member Checkout History. By default OpenBiblio doesn't keep this data forever (and probably it is not a good idea to change that). In other words: when the date range is too long ago, the generated statistics will be off, lower than they were in reality.

    OpenBiblio tries to understand date formats entered in a report date field, but you can get unexpected results.
    Unexpected results can be avoided, when entering a date use one of the following formats:
    * The internal format yyyy-mm-dd
    * Force "European Style" by using dots as separator (do not use dashes or slashes).
    For Germany's this should be an acceptable workaround.

    Best regards,


  • schlostu

    schlostu - 2011-10-16

    Hi Hans

    I have set duration for keeping checkout-date in "admin/settings_edit_form.php" to 24 month. I presume, that this will be o.k. for true results in generated statistics. If not, please let me know. I could reduce further, the central Geman Library-Statistics are due yearly in January for previous year.

    Thanks for the hints regarding date-formats. Can you suggest a good  rpt-language-Tutorial in addition to Documentation available under ?

    with best Regards from the black forest in souther germany



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