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Jakub Opas
  • Jakub Opas

    Jakub Opas - 2014-01-08


    I'm new to OpenBiblio, so I want to ask for your help.

    I've downloaded OpenBiblio v. 0.7.1 and successfully got it started along with XAMPP Windows v. 1.8.2. I found out, that changing "HTML Charset" to "UTF-8" is enough to show up polish characters. But while building search query with polish diacritics from time to time I got notice "No records found".

    Example. I've added book called "Świat roślin w języku i kulturze". When searching with query "świat roślin" I get answer "No records found". I thought that the problem sticks in polish diacritics, but this idea has to be wrong, because while searching with query "roślin" I get the record I'm looking for without any problems...

    Is it possible for the system to search for the book mentioned above using query without polish characters - "swiat roslin"? Or I have to manually correct every book I've added to delete any polish characters in Title or Authors name?

    Big thanks for help!


  • Jakub Kozakoszczak


    on behalf of Jakub Opas I just want to let know, that the problem has been solved.

    Jakub K.



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