German to 0.6.0 upgrade

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Okay folks, I'm willing to try upgrading my German OPAC (

    I've made all the backups I might need later.


    while I love OpenBiblio, the documentation is not very helpful.
    I mean, having a notice in the install_instructions.html file stating
    "IMPORTANT: Updates from versions (e.g. must be performed manually at the moment. The automatic upgrade script does not know how to handle the database format differences."
    is really not very helpful, if I don't know what changes have to be made manually. I looked at the UpgradeQuery.php file, but have no real clue what to do.

    Thanks for your input!

    • Micah Stetson

      Micah Stetson - 2007-05-16

      The reason I wrote that particular notice is that I didn't know exactly what changes had to be made either, but I was pretty sure trying an automatic upgrade would mess up your DB.  I'm not certain that all the features in are in 0.6.0.  What needs to be done is for somebody to compare the table structure of with 0.5.2 and 0.6.0 and see what's different.  Then you might be able to do a manual upgrade either by converting your database to be like 0.5.2 and upgrading to 0.6.0 automatically or directly converting to 0.6.0's format.  UpgradeQuery.php has the info on how the automatic upgrades OpenBiblio knows about are done.  But since OpenBiblio doesn't know how to upgrade, no information about it is in there.

      If I ever get time, I'll work out the upgrade procedure for  But until then, this is as helpful as I can be.


    • Georg Baum

      Georg Baum - 2007-05-17
    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Hi Georg.

      Many thanks for the patch.

      How do I execute a .diff file though? I'm not the server admin. Will it work with a shell access?

      Thanks in advance!

    • Georg Baum

      Georg Baum - 2007-05-26

      You can apply a diff file with the 'patch' command and yes, you need shell access. It works like this (assuming that /path/to/openbiblio is the name of your openbiblio directory, and /path/to/table-update.diff is the name of the saved diff file):

      cd /path/to/openbiblio
      patch -p1 < /path/to/table-update.diff

      These two lines have to be typed in a command shell on the server. The 'patch' command comes with all unix systems. If you are on windows you can download it from

      Of course you can also do the above on your local machine and then copy the modified openbiblio directoty to the server if that is easier for you.

      PS: Sorry for the delay, I prefer mailing lists over fora because the new messages come to you and you don't have to look for them yourself. I have not much time to do the latter regularly.

      • Hans van der Weij

        Georg (gbaum) said:

        > I prefer mailing lists over fora

        SourceForge makes it easy for you to get email notification for new messages in a forum:

        - Log in to
        - Go to the forum for which you want to be notified
        - Click link Monitor this Forum

        Great answer about applying patches, this is now linked from the documentation section on the OpenBiblio HomePage.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Great! Thanks a lot!



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