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  • Marie

    Marie - 2010-11-29


    In the database I had, each book was assigned a unique number (copy barcode number in OpenBiblio). When the sisters have cleaned out the library they did not delete the number, just the info conneceted to it. This has resulted in lots of posts with a barcode number (thanks Hans for the script!) and author xx or nn. Is it possible that I delete these posts in OpenBiblio and that the "free" numbers are used "again" when I autogenerate a copy barcode number for another book?

    When I try to autogenerate a bar code number now, I am not sure how (from what criteria) that is generated. I'd like to disturb my sisters as little as possible when introducing a new system, so that they manage without too many questions.

    Sr Marie

  • Fred LaPlante

    Fred LaPlante - 2010-11-29

    No ideas on ver 0.7, but…

    In the 1.0-wip version the auto-barcode function simply generates the next number larger than the largest found in the database. So if you do all the books that have bar codes first you should be alright. If you need to leave space for additional books that may show up later, I'd add my first no-barcode book manually with a code beyond the largest you might expect. After that new auto-codes will stay above that point.


  • Hans van der Weij

    The following SQL (for 0.6.x and 0.7.x) is only lightly tested. Make sure you have a backup.

    Delete records from biblio, biblio_copy and biblio_field when and biblio.title are empty :

    delete biblio, biblio_copy, biblio_field 
    from biblio, biblio_copy, biblio_field
    where biblio_field.bibid=biblio.bibid and biblio_copy.bibid=biblio.bibid and"" and biblio.title="" and biblio.responsibility_stmt=""

    Same as above, author=nn :

    delete biblio, biblio_copy, biblio_field 
    from biblio, biblio_copy, biblio_field
    where biblio_field.bibid=biblio.bibid and biblio_copy.bibid=biblio.bibid and"nn" and biblio.title="" and biblio.responsibility_stmt=""

    Probably you also want to delete like the above with value"n.n" , "n.n." , "xx" , "x.x" , …

    Your question about using again "free" numbers:
    * If the number is from your own numbering system, then you can use it again. But I don't see a good reason to do that (unless your barcode labels are so expensive that you have to recycle them…).
    * You say you have also used barcode number "Autogenerate". In general you should be careful when mixing your own numbering system with Autogenerate. In your database I don't see problems: I see only numbers with 5 digits. OpenBiblio barcode Autogenerate uses 6 digits (or more when there are more than 9 copies for a bibliography).

    The numbering system for barcode "Autogenerate" is explained in OpenBiblio's help system, section 4.b: Copy new and edit pages, paragraph Barcode Number - Autogenerate
    Autogenerated barcode numbers are based on OpenBiblio's internal bibid. If a bibliography has been deleted, the bibid won't be used again. OpenBiblio will use a new bibid for a new bibliography automatically and Autogenerate will generate a barcode number for a bibliography if there is no conflict with manually assigned barcode numbers.

    So I would say you can use Autogenerate safely and don't worry about "freeing" numbers.

    Did you know you can use the copies report in the reports system to print barcode labels that can be read by a barcode scanner?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Thanks to both of you.

    Sr M



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